Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL) for Canadian and US-based Businesses

Did you know that Canada has an Anti-Spam Legislation that has been effective since July 2014? This law has brought significant changes in how businesses in Canada and the US market their goods and services in Canada. But don’t worry; this course will help create a safer and more secure online marketplace!

Our comprehensive guide covers all the critical aspects of the Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL). You’ll learn the essential terms, how to report spam, enforcement agencies involved, contact center information, compliance tips, and best practices for businesses. Additionally, we’ll teach you how to obtain consent to send emails and record-keeping and provide examples of CASL consent forms and spam protection measures.

Understanding your obligations under the CASL is crucial void costly breaches. Canada has the world’s strictest anti-spam laws, and we want to ensure you’re fully informed and compliant. Remember, non-compliance can lead to severe penalties.

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Course Information

Estimated Time: 1-3 Hours

Difficulty: Beginner

Course Instructor

Shannyn Rus Shannyn Rus Author

Shannyn's strong academic background and passion for strategic information management systems make her a highly capable advisor for those seeking to integrate legislation compliance with real-world experience and management. Shannyn is a skilled advocate and educator of Canada's Access and Privacy Legislation. In addition to her Human Services degree, Professional Investigators and IAPP Certificates, she is certified with the Canadian Institute of Access and Privacy Professionals at Professional (CIAPP-P) Status. Shannyn is a former municipal Councilor, frequent conference presenter and leads thought-provoking training sessions for public, health, public and private sectors in communities across Alberta.

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